Accurate and quality services are what we deliver.

Within the people solution business we offer a plethora of services. All our services are based on the philosophy that it is imperative to partner with clients to achieve mutual success. Most of our services are custom-built to the needs of our clients but for simplicity we will list only a few:

1.Permanent Staffing: People are the backbone of any organisation. Here we understand our clients business needs and evolve hiring solutions best suited to their needs. Some of the solutions offered are as follows:

• Advertisement Management: We manage advertising for the vacancy including enabling the client to set-up and man multiple locations simultaneously. Yes, we do organise for set-up of interview locations where the clients do not have their own offices. This allows not just maximisation of geographical reach; it also makes it convenient for the aspiring candidates thereby giving a competitive edge.

• Campus connect: We arrange for campus connect allowing the client to hire in bulk. These campuses can be of any educational institution including but not limited to training institutes. Besides lowering bulk hiring costs’ it also allows companies to hire talent that can be groomed to the specific requirement of the organisation.

•Individual search:1 We search the candidate best suited to the clients’ need. We search candidates across functions and levels. Thus, allowing the client to have a one-stop shop from a pin to an elephant.

• Industry mapping: We study the industry and map the talent available across the companies. This allows not just for hiring the right talent but also to peg oneself vis- ΰ-vis the industry.

• Turnkey recruitment: We provide for the client to offload their recruitment worries on an end to end basis. We make a hiring plan in conjunction with the client and execute the same. Thus, delivering the end objective of providing the right people for the right job. We take care right from identifying the requirement for the client to the actual fulfilment.

2.Contract Staffing: The first and foremost benefit of such a service is the flexibility it offers the client in terms of managing its head count in accordance to the business volume. Additionally, it allows for a more efficient organisation as outsourcing is the mantra in today’s day and age. The highlight of this service is the fact that we do not just do a payroll management, we also help search the required talent. Some of the solutions offered are as follows:

• Supplementary Teams: Organisations sometimes need additional people to supplement their core teams. Here we allow for transitional teams to be built.

• Volume Surge Management: Some aspects of business are cyclical in nature, say for example accounts which need an increased manpower usually around financial year closing. Here we help organisations with very short-term temporary requirement of manpower.

3. Human Resource (H.R.) Consulting: H.R. consulting as a service covers a large spectrum of deliveries. Here we help our clients benefit from an external expertise allowing them to concentrate on their core business and leaving the H.R. worries to us. Some of the areas serviced by us are:

•Change Management
• Compensation & Benefits
• Development of sound H.R. Policies
• Employee and H.R. Manual
• Employee Documentation
• Employee Engagement
• Employee Satisfaction Surveys
• Forums for addressing employee grievances
• Internal competency mapping
• Payroll management
• Performance Management
• Preparation and maintenance of H.R. documents through the employee life cycle
• Set up focused H.R. Operations
• Statutory H.R. compliance audits and implementation

4. Training & Development: We help organisations meet their training needs. We organise all kinds of training across levels within the organisation. The trainings can be onsite and off- site. Some of the trainings provided by us are as follows:
• Soft skills training
• Operational and product training
• Technical training in I.T.
• Language training
• Cultural training

5. Designing Custom Solutions: If you have a pain area in any H.R. related issues of your organisation, we urge you to share the same with us as our team of experts will be glad to build a custom solution to address your need.